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We created Singapore Zoo faqs to answer many of the questions, which were being raised by our visitors for the past few year, about Singapore Zoo. You should be able to find most of your answers here regarding Singapore Zoo. In case you can't get a satisfactory answer, please scroll down to the bottom of this page and use the form provided to submit your question to us.

Singapore Zoo Faqs about Zoo's Tickets

Q. How much is the entrance fee for Singapore Zoo?

A. The standard ticket prices are $37/adult, $25/child (aged 3 to 12 years old) and $17/senior citizen (above aged 60 AND must be a Singapore Residents).

Get a 10% discount for foreigners or 15% for Singapore residents if you purchase online at the official site. Take note that the discounts given is only applicable for non-peak period. During peak period, the discounts given is only 5% regardless of foreigners or local residents.

Special Discounts For Singaporeans and Permanent Residents

Eenjoy free admission to the Zoo on your birthday (within seven days from your birthday) when you enter with a paying guest. 

Q. Can the tram tickets be used for multiple times?

A. Yes, you can have unlimited rides on the tram. Tram tickets can be purchased online at the official site as an add on item. You may also purchase on-site at the ticketing counters or at any one of the tram stations. The tickets are priced at $5/adult or $3/child.

Q. Can kids below 3 years old allow to enter the zoo? Are they require a ticket to enter the zoo?

A. No age limit as to enter the zoo. Child below 3 years old get free entry to the zoo.

Q. Is it better to book the zoo tickets online or buy at the counter when we are there?

A. Definitely it's better to book online to save time. There are always long queues at the ticketing counters, so it's wise to book online. In addition, you get 5-15% discounts if you book online.

Singapore Zoo Faqs about Zoo's Tour Planning and Time Scheduling

Q. What is the best time to visit Singapore Zoo? Is it better to visit zoo in the morning or afternoon if I only have half a day?

A. It depends on the below few factors and your luck:

I. Whether

If hot weather is something that bothers you, visit zoo in the morning. But then, most parts of Singapore Zoo are well cover under the big shades of gigantic trees. So it won't be very bad to visit zoo in the afternoon in terms of hot weather.

II. Will it be crowded?

Morning will be less crowded in the zoo, especially between 8.30am to 10am. 

III. Chances of encounter 'missing' animal

It all depends on your luck. One occasion I visited the zoo at 9am and get to see many of the animals like white tiger, gibbon etc whom are really active and showing off their talents. The other occasion at the same time I missed quite a number of these animals.

Q. What is the best time of the year to visit Singapore Zoo?

A. All year round. As Singapore is a tropical country, the weather and temperature don't varies a lot. So any time of the year is a good time to visit the Zoo. 

Q. How much time is needed in average for a visit to the Singapore Zoo?

A. For young couples, 2 to 4 hours should be enough. For family with old folks or little kids, at least 6 hours. One full day would be ideal if you plan to watch at least two of the animal shows, let your kids feed some of the animals and stay in the rainforest kidzworld for 1-2 hours for the kids to play around in the water spots playground.

Q. Will it be too tiring for kids to cover the zoo by walking? 

A. It depends on how old they are. The first time I brought my two children aged 5 and 6 to the zoo, we walked around the zoo almost the whole day without any complains from two of them. We didn't rent any stroller and wagon from the zoo's service counter. You may have to make your own judgement based on your child physical conditions and how active they are.

Q. Which of the days are less crowded to visit the zoo?

A. Weekdays from Monday to Friday, avoid weekends, public holidays and school holidays. 

2019 Singapore Public Holidays

Public Holiday
New Year's Day
1 Jan
5 Feb to 6 Feb
Tuesday to Wednesday
Good Friday
19 Apr
Labour Day
1 May
Vesak Day
19 May
5 Jun
9 Aug
Hari Raya Haji
11 Aug
27 Oct
25 Dec

If possible, avoid school holidays as well. Singapore primary and secondary school holidays for 2019 are as follow: 16 to 24 Mar, 1 to 30 Jun, 7 to 15 Sep and 16 Nov to 31 Dec.

2020 Singapore Public Holidays

Public Holiday
New Year's Day
1 Jan
25 to 26 Jan
Saturday to Sunday*
Good Friday
10 Apr
Labour Day
1 May
Vesak Day
7 May
24 May
Hari Raya Haji
31 Jul
9 Aug
14 Nov
25 Dec

* As the public holiday fall on a Sunday, the following Monday will be a public holiday.

Q. Should I do a day or night zoo?

A. Day zoo got more things to see and more activities to do. In terms of value for money, day zoo is better. For those run short of time, night zoo may be a good choice. Especially good is for young couple to experience a romantic time in the quiet and dark, but very safe environment. Kids also enjoy playing in the dark, as it could be their first time.

Singapore Zoo Faqs about Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife (Orangutans, Cotton-top Tamarins, Snakes etc)

Q. We have planned to have breakfast with orangutans, may I know where to purchase the tickets? What's the ticket prices?

A. You may purchase the tickets online at the Zoo's official site . You may also walk in to Ah Meng Restaurant (breakfast is holding at the Terrace) and purchase tickets on the spot. The breakfast starts from 9am to 10.30am daily. The animals will only appear from 9.30am to 10am.

Breakfast with Wildlife/Orangutans Ticket Prices

$35/adult and $25/child (aged 6 to 12, free for child below 6 years old). Take note that you still need to purchase a separate zoo ticket for admission to the zoo.

Q. For breakfast with Wildlife/Orangutans, do I have to make booking in advance?

A. Yes, as seats may not be available on the day of your visit. You may make reservation up to 60 days in advance. No last minute booking, minimum of 24 hours advance booking.

Q. What are the types of food being served for the breakfast?

A. Please click here to view the menu of the breakfast with wildlife.

Singapore Zoo Faqs about Getting to Singapore Zoo

Q. Which MRT station is closest to the Zoo?

i. Khatib MRT -> Transfer to -> Mandai Khatib Shuttle

At Khatib MRT station, there's only one exit. Turn left once you exit the gate. 

You will see this sign board when you make a second left turn. 

Go straight ahead till you see this signboard and queue here for the shuttle bus. 

It takes about 20 minutes to reach the zoo.

Mandai Khatib Shuttle Operating Hours: 8.20am to 10.40pm daily at an interval of 20 minutes.

Mandai Khatib Shuttle Ticket Prices: $1/adult, child below 3 years old travel for free. Payment can be made by Ezlink or Nets FlashPay cards


ii. Ang Mo Kio MRT -> Tansfer to -> Public Bus Service 138

At Ang Mo Kio MRT station, take Exit C once out of the gate.

Follow the escalator down to a underground pass.  


When arrive here, take the right escalator up to the bus interchange. 


Bus service 138 is at Berth B1.  


Please queue up at the bus service 138 lane. It takes about 40 minutes to arrive at the Zoo. 


Bus Service 138 Operating Hours: 6am to 11.45pm daily at an interval of 8-12 minutes. 

Bus fare for the trip: A total travel distance of 13.5km, the fare is $1.55/adult if pay by Ezlink card and $2.30/adult if pay by cash.

iii. Choa Chu Kang MRT -> Transfer to -> Public Bus Service 927

At Choa Chu Kang MRT station, exit the station and the bus interchange is on the left. 

Follow this way to the bus interchange.

Bus service 927 is at Berth B3. 


Queue up at 927 lane for the next bus. It takes about 20 minutes to arrive at the Zoo.


Bus Service 927 Operating Hours: 6am to 12am daily at an interval of 13-18 minutes. 

Bus fare for the trip: A total travel distance of 9km, the fare is $1.35/adult if pay by Ezlink card and $1.90/adult if pay by cash.

In my opinion, the most convenient and easy way to get to the zoo by MRT is making use of the Mandai Khatib Shuttle at Khatib MRT station. Beside cheaper in fare, it's also easy to find the way for the transfer of shuttle bus.

Click here to find out 5 more ways for getting to Singapore Zoo.

Q. What's the easiest way to get to Singapore Zoo?

A. The easiest way to get to Singapore Zoo is by taking a taxi or Grab. The fare in off-peak hours from city areas could be $13 to $18 and $20-$35 in peak hours. The travelling time from city areas depends on the road traffic and could take half an hour to one hour.

Q. Is it easy to get a taxi to or back from the zoo? How much does it costs?

A. It's easy at anywhere if you know how to make use of Grab app to book a GrabCar or taxi. The fare in off-peak hours from the city areas could be $13 to $18 and $20-$35 in peak hours. Without the app, it could really be hard at time to hire a taxi. You could, however, approach your hotel staff asking them to book a taxi or GrabCar on your behalf. When back from the zoo, it could be easier as there's a taxi stand just outside of the zoo. Just take note that it could be difficult at late night from 9pm to 11pm to get a taxi at the zoo's taxi stand.

Singapore Zoo Faqs about Food and Things to Prepare

Q. Can I bring food to the Zoo?

A. Yes, you are welcome even to have a picnic at the zoo. The idea picnic areas are at Pavillion by the Lake and Garden with a View.

Q. What are the things I should bring to the Zoo?

A. Beside water bottles, the most important thing to bring is an umbrella. It can help you to move around the zoo when raining. In a hot sunny day, it helps to shade you from the hot sun. A hat or cap is also ideal for everyone. Sunblock, sunglasses and insert repellent are also essential. My family even bring food there for a picnic. 

My family had a great picnic at Singapore Zoo. 

Q. Are there vegetarian food available in the Zoo?

A. Yes. There are only two restaurants and a bistro inside the zoo. Ah Meng restaurant is like a local food court, having few stalls selling mainly local and western food. You can order a plate of vegetarian briyani at the Indian stall. Please refer to the below photos for the main dishes. 

Ah Meng restaurant food menu

Get your vegetarian briyani set at $8.90 at the Indian stall

The other restaurant is KFC at the Rainforest Kidzworld. Ah Meng Bistro serves sandwiches, pastries and desserts. 

Q. Are there prams or strollers available for little kids?

A. Yes, there are strollers, wagons and electric scooters for rent. 

The electric scooter on the left is charged at $20 for the first three hours and thereafter $5 per hour. The scooters are only eligible for rent for visitors with at least 16 years old and weight less than 150 kg. The wagon on the centre can accommodate two children with a total weight of not exceeding 35 kg. It is charged at a one time fees of $15. The stroller can carry a toddle of weight not exceeding 15 kg. It is rented at $9.

Q.  I would like to know if Singapore Zoo provides wheelchair for their disabled visitors.

A. Singapore Zoo provides complimentary wheel chair to all its visitors on a first come first serve basis. It shouldn't be difficult to get a wheel chair if you visit the zoo in the morning. Just approach any one of the zoo staff for help once you are inside the zoo.

If you are worried about the availability of wheel chair, you may call zoo's hotline at 62693411 for enquiry before your departure to the zoo. 

Q. Are there any deposit box inside the Zoo for luggage bag?

A. Yes, there are two sizes available as shown below:

For small locker of size 30H x 38L x 51W, the rental fee is $5 for the first 3 hours and thereafter $1 per hour.

For large locker of size 85H x 45L x 90W, the rental fee is $10 for the first 3 hours and thereafter $2 per hour.

You may pay by visa or cash.

Singapore Zoo Faqs about Zoo Animals

Q. Is there kangaroos in Singapore Zoo?

A. Yes, they are in the Australasia zone. I came here once early in the morning at around 9am and not able to spot any kangaroos. Below photo was taken few years back when my son was allowed to feed the kangaroos. That's the only time we can really get closed with the animal.

One of my son dream job is to become a zoo keeper

Q. Can you hug pandas in Singapore Zoo?

A. No, pandas are not in Singapore Zoo, they are kept in the River Safari. Even in River Safari, you are not allow to hug them. You can only see them from a distance. 

Q. What are the most interesting animals found in Singapore Zoo?

A. I like quite a number of them. 

White Bengal Tiger (03:47)

Cheetah (02:13)

Singapore Zoo Faqs about the 4 parks: Zoo, River Safari, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park

Q. What are the differences between Singapore Zoo and River Safari?

A. The most obvious is Singapore Zoo keeps land animals whereas River Safari are mostly sea creatures.

In terms of size, Zoo is bigger and requires more time to explore than River Safari. Generally you need to allocate at least 4-6 hours to visiting Zoo whereas 2 to 3 hours should be enough for River Safari.

In consideration of mobility, comfort and effort to move around these two parks, River Safari is better than Singapore Zoo. The former park is mostly under cover and quite a number of exhibits are with air-conditioning.

Q. Is it possible to cover the zoo and the other three parks within a day?

A. Please refer to the below question for answer.

Q. Among the Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, River Safari and Night Safari, which are the parks that are located closed together and can be combined to visit in one day? Or should it be one park per day?

A. To visit three parks in a day is possible as Zoo, River Safari and Night Safari are located next to each other. However, you need to consider whether you and your family members or friends have the stamina and energy to hop from one park to another. The suggested schedule for the one day visit is as follow: 9am to 3pm - Zoo, 3 to 6pm - River Safari and 7.30pm to 10pm - Night Safari. 

Location map of Singapore Zoo, River Safari and Night Safari

Q. Are there package deal for two, three or four parks tickets?

A. Yes, please refer to the below table for multi-park ticket prices.

Ticket Types
Adult Ticket
Child Ticket
ParkHopper Plus - All 4 Parks Plus more
4-Park Admission
2-Park Admission - Zoo and Night Safari
2-Park Admission - Zoo and Jurong Bird Park
2-Park Admission - Zoo and River Safari

All the above multi-park tickets are valid for 7 days from your first visit to any one of the 4 parks. 

The ParkHopper Plus  tickets also include the below benefits:

  1. Unlimited tram rides to the following parks: Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari.
  2. Unlimited Amazon River Quest and Reservoir Cruise rides for River Safari.
  3. Free admission to Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Zoo.

Q. Is Night Safari and Singapore Zoo the same zoo, the difference comes with night animal show for Night Safari?

A. Night Safari and Singapore Zoo are not the same zoo, they are situated in different parts of the Mandai area. The animals in Night Safari are mostly nocturnal animals, so you are able to see them awake and move around during the night.  

Q. Are all the Zoo, Night Safari, River Safari and Jurong Bird Park open on all days?

A. Yes, they are open 365 days a year, so you have no worry to visit them in any day.

Q. Can we visit the zoo in the afternoon and then proceed to the Night Safari?

A. Yes, it can be done. I would advise you to have an early lunch and arrived at the zoo before 1pm as zoo closed at 6pm. Have your dinner at KFC outside of the zoo or proceed to Night Safari Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant (at Entrance Plaza) for our local food like briyani, chicken rice, chicken tandoori etc. If you can have your dinner done before 7pm, you may catch the 'Creature of the Night' show at 7.15pm. 

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