Night Safari Tour

Tips you Need to Know for an Enjoyable Trip

Tips for an Enjoyable Night Safari Tour

One of the exciting things you must do for a Night Safari tour is walking on one of the three animal trails. 

Look at the following photos and you can see how enjoyable the kids were. Check out Night Safari Tour provided by our business partner with free hotel pick up and drop-off services. The tour is led by a local guide.

Fishing cat trail at Singapore Night Safari

If you just let the tram carries you around the park, you will miss the thrill of walking in the dark with your loved ones in a tropical rain forest. The other thing you should not miss, however, is the animal show Creatures of the Night.

As time is short for the night, a proper planning for your Night Safari tour is important. I would advise you to take a tram at the main entrance, if the queue is not too long, to the East Lodge Station. From there, you walk through the Leopard Trail and then follow the Fishing Cat Trail signboard to complete these two trails. At the end of the trail, you are back to the main entrance where you could proceed to watch the Creatures of the Night Show.

The other way round is also possible. Take the Fishing Cat Trail first if the queue for the tram is too long, follow by the Leopard Trail and finally take the tram to the main entrance and watch the Creatures of the Night show. If you still have time after the show, you may take the last Wallaby trail.

Night Safari Tour Map

Click on Night Safari Tour Map to open it in a new window. It is a useful map which shows where the three walking trails are and the tram route. This map would be helpful when you want to plan for a trip to the park.

What not to Miss for your Night Safari Tour

The Three Walking Trails

Watch video clips of animals around the three walking trails

Fishing Cat Trail

Start off your journey along the Fishing Cat Trail where you can watch the drama of prey vs predator. Pretend to be a hunter and try to spot the animals, which includes mischievous otters, Mouse Deer, Indian Gharials and the Malayan Flying Fox, along the trail under the dim light condition.

Leopard Trail

Continue your stroll to the Leopard Trail. Of the three walking trails, Leopard trail has more to see and the most fun. And most of the animals are not so 'shy' as to hide away from us. Move along the trail, and you'll see small-toothed civets, tarsiers, porcupines and giant 10-metre-high flying squirrels! However, it's also the most confusing trail to find your way through.

A unique experience walking through the Mangrove Walk where you could see bats flying freely
Interesting to see malayan tiger walking around in the night at Singapore Night Safari

Tips to tour Leopard Trail

Plan for at least 30-45 minutes for this trail. You may reach there either by foot (about 15 mins from main entrance) or taking a tram to East Lodge Station (about 20-25 mins). Whichever way you take, once you hit the trail remember to always follow the left track except when the signboard points to Fishing Cat trail.

Leopard and Clouded Leopard have two viewing points each. If you can't find them in the first place, chances are they are at the other side.

The Entry and Exit points of the Mangrove Walk are on the same side of the track whereas you enter the Giant Flying Squirrel at one side of a track and exit to a different track.

To return to the tram's station, follow the signboard that shows East Lodge. To continue on another trail or exit the Night Safari, follow the Fishing Cat Trail or Entrance Plaza signboard.

With signboards everywhere reminding you not to use your camera flash light, there's no way to take a properly exposed photography of your loved animal. So, it would be ideal to record down your images with a video camera instead.

Tram Ride

If laziness gets the better of you, scheduled 40-minute tram rides are available every night. With frequent stops and live commentaries, the tram tour encircles the paved roads, allowing passengers to take a closer look at the animals. These daily guided tours, plus the regularly scheduled feeding timeslots add enlightenment to the whole experience.

Take note that the tram ticket can only be used twice, one at the main entrance and the other at the East Lodge Station.

Tram Ride Ticket:

Tram ride is included in the admission ticket. However, if you prefer to have the commentary conducted in Japanese or Mandarin, you will have to buy a tram seating ticket at the ticketing counters and join in the respective trams specially cater for these two groups of visitors. Ticket is sold for S$10 per guest.

Tips for the Tram Ride

Schedule your tour as follow if you face very long queue for the tram the moment you enter the park. This normally happened on weekends and public holidays between 7 and 9pm.

  1. Queue for the 'Creature of the Night Show' the very moment you enter the park for the 7.30pm or 8.30pm show depends on what time you arrive at the park.
  2. After the show, you can proceed to the tribal dance performance located just outside the main entrance. The last performance is at 9pm. You have to get your hand stamped so that you are allowed to enter the park again.
  3. After the show, go for at least two of the following walking trails: fishing cat, leopard, wanabe and east lodge trails.
  4. By the time you finished all the above, it should have passed 9pm. By then, the queue for the tram will be shorter. The tram takes about 40 minutes to go round the park.

Creatures of the Night Show

The highlight of the Night Safari Tour, definitely not to be missed, is the Creatures of the Night Show. This is a mesmerizing 30-minutes showcase that brings you up close and personal with the animals - a perennial favourite among visitors to the Night Safari. Not only will you see stunts performed by the animals, audience members are given the opportunity to be part of the engaging line-up of animal acts as well.

Creatures of the Night show at Night Safari Singapore, a must-see animal show
Leopard cat performing at Night Safari animal show

Watch video clips of the Creatures of the Night Show

I have the experience of watching the same show twice but hosted by two different person and the performance is completely different. To watch an entertaining and professionally conducted show, check that the show is hosted by Jini.

To secure a seat, you should be there at least 15-30 minutes before the show starts (especally on Fri, Sat and Eve of Public Holiday). Otherwise, chances are you may have to wait for the next show. The best seats to view the show is along the central seats or to the left (while facing the stage) of the theatre, avoid those on the extreme right.

Venue: Night Safari Amphitheatre

Creatures of the Night Show Time: 7.30pm, 8.30pm and 9.30pm daily. An additional show at 10.30pm on Fri, Sat and eve of Public Holiday.

Thumbuakar Tribal Dance

Watch video clips of Tribal Dance Performance

Aside from this, your Night Safari tour will never be complete without witnessing the death-defying tribal performances. Watch and tune your ears the dancers groove to blowpipe music, harmonizing tribal dancing with fire-eating displays.

Fire-eating picture at Night Safari Singapore
A Bornean tribal dance performed at the Night Safari Singapore

Venue: Entrance Plaza

Show Time: 6.45pm, 8pm and 9pm daily. Additional show at 10pm on Fri, Sat and Eve of public holidays.

Where to Eat at the Night Safari

Though the Night Safari may seem isolated from civilization, be assured that you will find an oasis of food specially catered to your hungry stomach. The first step you take into the Night Safari would draw your eyes to Bongo Burgers - an artfully designed dining arena with an open-air alfresco dining concept that lets you enjoy tantalizing western cuisine, sit under the cooling-grey night sky, and bask in the experience of being up-close and personal with wildlife - all at the same time. Relish the goodness of their American-sized and succulently juicy burger patties while tribal dancers fill the backdrop with a generous serving of entertainment.

If you are looking for a slightly classier dining atmosphere, you might like to try Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant. This is the Night Safari's signature restaurant, which serves up a wide selection of local and international favourites, specifically to satisfy the more demanding taste buds. You can then end your meal with a sweet treat at the all-American favourite, Ben & Jerry's!

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